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  1. Water Soluble Cutting Oil ( Soluble Oil )

    • Manufactured from selected based stock and compounded with an emulsifier which forms a stable milky-white emulsion when mixed with water. 

    • Recommended for use in milling, boring, shaping, drilling, grinding and turning operations.
    1. CutCool GP

      • Economical and general purpose machining application.
    2. CutCool NF

      • For non-ferrous or ferrous machining application. Enhanced with high lubricity additive and propriety corrosion inhibitor to protect aluminium alloy from staining.
    3. CutCool HD

      • Is fortified with extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear additive for heavy duty machining application.
  2. Semi-Synthetic Cutting Coolant

    Specially formulated to forms a stable translucent emulsion providing excellent tool life and surface finish and long term resistance to bacterial and fungal attack. This product also perform well in centerless and cylindrical form grinding.

    It compatible with a very wide range of materials including cast iron, steels and copper alloys as well as plastics and composites.
    1. High Oil Series

      • High oil contain formulation Semi-Synthetic Cutting Coolant.
      • Excellence lubricity and rust protection.
      • Economically priced, it is ideal for high coolant loss applications where out-standing machining capability is required.
      • Has the best all metal machining capability. Perfect for job shops where any metal could come in the door.
    2. Low Oil Series

      • Low oil contain formulation Semi-Synthetic Cutting Coolant.
      • The ultimate in machining performance. Use where maximizing productivity is the key objective.
      • Broad capability for job shops where a wide variety of metals are machined.
    3. CutCool CI Series

      • Special develope for cast iron machining requirement
      • Excellence corrosion protection
    4. CutCool AL Series

      • For non-ferrous or ferrous machining application.
      • Low oil contain, enhanced with high lubricity additive and propriety corrosion inhibitor to protect aluminium alloy from staining.
  3. Fully-Synthetic Grinding Coolant

    Fully-Synthetic cutting coolant is an oil free grinding compound with good rust protection for ferrous materials.  It is recommended for most ferrous alloys such as cast iron, tool steels and carbon steels.

    This nitrite and phenol-free fluids is safe to use
    in high speed grinding operation.

    1. GrindCool G30

      • All purpose light to medium duty synthetic.
      • Excellent rust control and targets all types of grinding operation.
      • Can also be used to machine ferrous metals.
  4. Rust Preventives Series

    • Premium solvent based water-displacing, non-staining, corrosion inhibitor which formulated based on resin additive technology. The resulting film will provide protection on ferrous materials, even in areas of humidity.

    • Will leave an ultra thin, almost nondiscernible film, after evaporation of the fluid carrier. Excellent water displacing and dewatering characteristics can be  anticipated. It can be used in process rust preventives, long term indoor storage applications.

  5. Visopunch Series

    • For evaporative punching and drawing oil

    • Specially formulated for punching of sheet metals for  the heat transfer and electrical industry.  Recommended use for drawing and punching all kinds of metals included non-ferrous metals like bronze, copper and aluminium or aluminium alloy without staining the materials

  6. Neat Cutting Oils

    Full range  of Neatcut series to serve different needs of application. 
    Multipurpose neat cutting oil, recommended for general cutting operations of materials from non ferrous metals to free cutting and higher strength steels. Non-staining extreme pressure additives formulation and no free sulfur is present to adversely effect operations performed on the yellow metals.

    Can be used in all ferrous metals, and also suitable for copper, brass, aluminium and aluminium alloys.
  7. Slideway Oil

    Used premium EP additives that form a hard boundary layer of protection and tackifying agents that improve the adhesion properties of the oil. These additives prevent stick or slip and wear.

    Slideway oil is anti-rust fortified and has excellent resistance to water washout.
  8. Electrical Discharge Machining Fluids (EDM Oils)

    EDM Oil is high flash point, low viscosity aliphatic hydrocarbon for use as the dielectric fluid in electrical discharge machining. Manufactured from highly refined base stocks, it meets the requirements of such machining for insulation and controlled electric discharge properties.

    • Accurate machining
    • Improved working conditions
    • Reduced downtime
    • Improved safety


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