About Us
Chemcool, Engineering Fluids Specialist in Selangor Chemist at Work. Modernize the Chemical Solution for Where it Matters & Why it Matter

We’re Chemcool Sdn. Bhd., and We are proud to be Innovators, First Formulators and Suppliers of Highly Advanced Chemical in Malaysia. Through Meticulous and Reliable Work, our company has become known as a Top Chemical Manufacturer.
We Formulate and Customize for our Clients’ Specified Requirements. Chemcool Works with Customers to Deliver Innovative Products and Solutions while Maintaining a Commitment to Customers. We have Vast Field Experiences and Capability to Formulate, Supply, and if necessary, Bespoke Design Metalworking Lubricants, Cutting Fluids, Degreasing Solvents and Aqueous Cleaners to meet your Specification.
Meeting Environmental, Regulatory, Safety Standards and Specifications are just some of the Requirements of Modern Solvents and Degreasers.
The Right Product must be Determined in order that Cost Saving, Efficiency and Effectiveness can be Realized.
Chemcool is Committed to Continual Research and Development. Our Aim is to Provide the Most Unique Products on the Market Today.
We continue to be Dedicated to Creating Products that are Safe for you while Minimizing the Impact on the Environment.

Accessories Design

- CutCoool GP Water Soluble Coolant
- Semi-Synthetic Soluble Cutting Coolant
- Fully-Synthetic Soluble Cutting Coolant
- Rusts Preventives Oil, for Long Term Storage Protection
- Forming Oils(Visopunch) for Metal Stamping
- Neat Cutting Oils - Non Staining
- Electrical Discharge Machining Fluid (EDM Oils)
- Hydraulic Oils(Hidrex AWS Series)
- Compressor Oils(Presser P Series)
- Slideway oil (Cenway Series)

Concrete Mould Release Agent

- ConMould MB Series (Oil Base)
- ConMould WB Series (Water Base)
- Emulsion Base

Industrial & Institutional Cleaners

- Alkaline Degreaser (Non-Caustic Alkaline) D135
- Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner (X-Lemon Series)
- EZ Clean Paste or Powder Form
- Disinfectant

Anti-Tack Agent

-For natural rubber & nitrile gloves


- Napthenic Based
- Paraffinic Base
- Vegetable Oil Based
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